Topsham Moorings

Sample of Certificate of Servicing Form  Please note that this is not for completion in 2022.  A copy of this form has been included with the latest Invoices, etc. so that registered mooring licence holders are aware of what is proposed for 2023.  [The Committee thanks those that have filled in the form and returned it to the Secretary.]

Administrator Role  –  A vacancy has arisen for someone to undertake the administrative tasks of the Committee.  For further information please contact the Committee.  (See contact pages.)

Invoices and other documents will be issued mid-February.  Ensure that you read and complete and return where requested.  Also note that a number of new terms and conditions had been introduced in 2012.  These can be found on the Terms and Conditions pages of this website.

Important Notice     If you are not using your mooring please advise so that it can be utilized by another on the waiting list.  

It was noted that a few vessels have been moored without TMOA authority.  It is essential that all vessels are recorded with the Secretary and permission is sought before any changes to vessels/moorings occur. Failure to do so will result in the loss of moorings for the following year. Please contact the Secretary by – Email: .

Requests for changes to vessels or requests for transfer of registered owners must be notified to the Secretary so that the Committee can give consideration before granting permission or refusal.

Forms for making the changes are available on the Forms page.  All requests for change incur an administration fee, currently £25.00.

Ensure that your 4 digit mooring number is clearly visible, even in the winter time.

Problems with moorings

It has come to the attention of the Committee that a number of moorings are not fit for purpose as well as vessels that are not fit to be moored on the river.  This includes vessels coming adrift, vessels being filled with water.  Registered mooring owners will be notified with any works necessary to bring the moorings up to standard or to ensure that the mooring is in the registered position.  Failure to comply will result in the loss of the annual mooring license.

Using the River Exe and Exeter Canal during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please refer to the latest Exeter Harbour Masters Notices listed on the Exeter City Council website.

 Do inform the Committee if you see anything mooring related that needs their attention.
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